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  • Ainslie Wrap Skirt AW501
    15" Chiffon Wrap Skirt
    This simple wrap skirt has a rolled hem and is the perfect compliment to a bodysuit!
    100% Polyester
    COLOUR: Black
    [Aubergine, cranberry, teal, champagne & a kara lace print available to order upon request]
    Ainslie Wrap Skirt AW501
  • Sansha No.1 pro
    The original split-sole - Canvas.
    Hand-stitched, no external thread.
    High back, strong lining material makes the shoe last longer.
    COLOURS: Light Pink, Black, White, Flesh
    ADULT SIZES: 5 - 12
    WIDTHS: Narrow, Medium, Wide
    [Also available in children's sizes]
    Sansha No.1 pro
  • Repetto 207
    Square, flexible box made of natural ingredients that absorb humidity of the foot and moulds the box to the shape of the foot.
    Fibre carbon shank is lightweight and flexible. This material has a memory like a spring, it always returns to its original shape.
    Pink satin
    Medium Vamp
    Medium Shank
    SIZES: 13 - 23
    WIDTHS: Narrow, Medium, Wide
    Repetto 207
  • Gamba 93
    Flat box, square platform
    Deep vamp, high sides and back
    Flexible, fibre carbon shank allows dancer to roll through demi pointe in one smooth movement
    Hard shank
    Pink satin
    SIZES: 1.5 - 8.5
    Gamba 93
  • Suffolk Solo
    The Solo is the original offering from the Suffolk Pointe Company
    National Ballet of Canada's signature shoe brand
    Strong, stable box
    Medium profile
    Assists the dancer to go en pointe in the proper placement
    Available in light, standard, or hard
    SIZES: 13-7 WIDTHS: N, XN, XXN, XX, XXXN, XXX, XXXXN [Contact store for fitting details]
    COLOUR: Pink
    [Other Suffolk pointe shoe styles available to order upon request]
    Suffolk Solo
  • Mondor Microfibre 319
    Ultra Soft, semi-opaque, exceptional comfort, fit and leg hugging performance, super stretch knitted waistband
    Microfibre ~ 85% Nylon Microfibre/15% Lycra
    Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) licensed product
    Adult Convertible Foot
    SIZES: S, M, L, XL, XXL
    COLOURS: Ballerina (E6), Black, Suntan (82), Light Tan (74), Caramel (KR)
    Mondor Microfibre 319
  • Principal Diamond Pointe
    In consultation with both medical professionals and dancers, Principal proudly introduces the Diamond Pointe!
    This shoe is designed to improve the a dancer's training resulting in a much more powerful, healthier and longer career
    Standard Shank
    WIDTHS: X, XX, XXX,br> SIZES: 34 - 40 (4 - 10)
    Principal Diamond Pointe
  • Ainslie Square Neck AW102
    Inspired by the elegant necklines of 16th century gowns, this style comes with wide straps and a medium height back. Bust area is lined.
    Material: 88% Nylon 12% Spandex
    SIZES: Women's P, S, M, L, XL - Girl's ($45.95) S, M, L, XL, XL-Tall
    COLOURS: Black, Navy, Steel Blue, Aubergine, Periwinkle, Cranberry, Slate Gray, Light Blue, Chocolate, Lavender, Cobalt. [Please advise that not all of these colours are currently in stock at our store - available to order upon request]
    *Model is wearing Cranberry*
    Ainslie Square Neck AW102
  • Bloch Balance European ESO160
    This pointe shoe makes the dancer feel like they can stand 'en pointe' all day! The curved last and the shank remain in close contact with the instep significantly improving injury protection. The low profile of the shoe, open throat line of the vamp shape, and the elastic drawstring, creates a streamlined, snug fit.
    Last - curved, Shank - flexible, Vamp Length - medium, Vamp Shape - open U, Platform - wide (50mm), Outsole - full, Sides - low cut with diagonal seams, Heel Shape - medium with heel counter
    SIZES: 2-9.5
    Bloch Balance European ESO160
  • Bloch Men's Canvas Pump SO2077M
    Mens split sole canvas ballet flat. Pump construction encourages the canvas to hug the arch and reduces material bunching underfoot when pointing. Soft and durable square canvas which molds to the foot. Tear drop shaped pads at the toe and heel promote extra felxibility for the foot to arch
    SIZE: 4-11.5
    WIDTH: B,C,D
    COLOUR: Black, Flesh, White [Black in store only, other colours available to order upon request]
    Bloch Men's Canvas Pump SO2077M
  • Bloch SO923L Traverse Mid Dance Sneaker
    NEW! A high performance full-sole sneaker designed specifically for dance fitness. This shoe has a high density smooth spin spot which assists in free movement related to spinning and sliding. Pads surrounding the spin spot give balance and control. The outer side of the sole acts as a break when sliding
    The grip offers stability in netural positions as well as quick foot movements Reinforced toe area for floor work and breathable mesh keeps feet cool
    SIZES: 6-10
    WIDTH: Medium
    COLOUR: emerald, citrus, red, amethyst
    Amethyst in store only - all other colours available to order upon request]
    Bloch SO923L Traverse Mid Dance Sneaker
  • Dance Paws
    Handmade for feet. Kept snugly in place by individual toe holes and an elastic band, Dance Paws are made with durable 'powermesh' spandex and synthetic suede
    Virtually invisible, Dance Paws shape to your foot, creating a comfortable and secure fit
    SIZES: XXS, XS, S, M, XL, XXL, 3XL
    COLOURS: TAN [Dark Tan and Black available to order upon request]
    Dance Paws
  • Capezio 3000A Profession Fishnet Tight
    These durable fishnet tights are a stage, theatrical, jazz and tap classic that are also great for costuming and fashion
    80% Nylon/20% Spandex
    SIZES: S/M, L/XL, XL
    COLOURS: Black, Nude
    Capezio 3000A Profession Fishnet Tight
  • Bloch SO838SB Guilia
    T-bar sandal with diamantes and unique wrap-around strap. Full heel cup, T-strap and open toe design provides support and gives the design elegance and finesse. Flexible sole gives great ability to pointe and flex. Suede outsole perfect for spins, slides and turns on many floor types
    Also available in a 3 inch flared heel
    Upper: satin
    Lining: microfibre
    Outsole: leather
    SIZE: 5-11
    WIDTH: Medium
    COLOUR: Dark Tan, Black
    Bloch SO838SB Guilia
  • Ainslie Allegra 136
    Count on AinslieWear to find a beautiful way to show off your gorgeous dancer’s back
    A great basic black with mesh inserts that look amazing and feel gorgeous
    Material: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex
    SIZE: P, S, M, L, XL
    COLOURS: black/mesh, slate grey/mesh, teal/mesh
    Ainslie Allegra 136
  • Sansha Carlotta DF004
    Professional tutu trunk
    9 layers of tulle SIZES: 3-4, 5-6 [Please contact Shoppe for sizing information] COLOUR: Black, White
    Please NOTE: This item an in stock item at our Shoppe. Available for special order only
    Sansha Carlotta DF004
  • Sansha Degas DF003
    Romantic tutu skirt
    5 layers of tulle
    SIZES: 3-4, 5-6 [Please contact store for fitting information]
    COLOUR: White Please NOTE: This is not an in stock item at the Shoppe. Available for special order only
    Sansha Degas DF003
  • Ainslie Tara with Kara Lace AW119KL
    Ainslie Wear could not resist this beautiful yet durable lace!
    Over a taupe lining it looks positively sexy yet refined
    Bust area is fully lined
    88% Nylon, 12% Spandex
    SIZES: P, S, M, L, XL COLOURS: Black/kara lace, Aubergine/kara lace, Red/kara lace
    [Currently a special order item only and not in stock at Shoppe. Black/kara lace will be in stock for September 2013!]
    Ainslie Tara with Kara Lace AW119KL
  • Sansha Tutu Bag SBAG07-06
    Polyester with inside lining and double straps
    See through window
    Diameter: 40"
    Sansha Tutu Bag SBAG07-06
  • Grishko 2007
    This exclusive creation of the Grishko craftsmen is a revolution in pointe shoe design. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with a drawstring, a medium platform and a moderately low profile.
    Distinguishing Features: Anatomically formed to a dancer’s foot for the highest level of comfort and aesthetics
    A flatter last in the toe and a slightly raised instep ensure the closest fit possible
    Specially designed to be extra light and extremely supportive at the same time
    Shaped around the dancer’s foot to enable perfect balance and placement
    This exquisite pointe shoe is suitable for all types of feet and is recommended for both beginner and advanced dancers.
    SIZES: 1-8.5
    SHANK: SS, S, M, H, SH
    Grishko 2007